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A Little Bit About Lola's

We started Lola's in November of 1998 as a place for friends, family and the few adventurous tourists and surfers for lunch and a drink. We are now in our 25th year of our labor of love, and serving over 100,000 guests annually. It is shocking now even writing that sentence!

While striving to keep the feel of the local surf hangout, we have done much to expand to accommodate the thousands of daily guests in the high season and to be caretakers of our beloved Playa Avellana and the surrounding community year round.

Lola’s uses organic produce and free range organic chicken and eggs, and our beef is grass fed and organic as well. We recycle, compost (or feed Ave and Ana - more on them later!) and convert fryer oil to biodiesel.


We support the local communities, police, schools, children’s advocacy groups, beach clean ups, animal rescue centers and clinics, a variety of local charities, several environmental projects and local, national and international surf competitions. 

Lola's is the driving force behind the training, administration and execution of the local lifeguard program. Many of our staff have trained and been certified as lifeguards  (while they also do their jobs serving you!) We have also built our own firefighting rig and are deployed throughout the dry season to help the community.


Our waste water treatment facility supplies clean water for our reforestation projects and gardens. We even planted a rice field at the beach to cultivate a Costa Rican heritage rice that was going extinct. Lola's has eliminated all plastic cups, bottles, carry-out containers and straws. We have installed  solar panels and will be off the grid as soon as better and cheaper batteries are available here. Lola’s is climate neutral and has been since we opened in 1998. We hire locally, pay our staff a sustainable living wage and think of our loyal and conscientious employees as family.


Your patronage contributes directly to our efforts and is greatly appreciated!

Hope to see you soon,

Christi, Donatus, Eden, Nikki

& the whole Lola's family

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